Our Company

"Loan Servicing for Higher Education Since 1976”

Who we are!

UNISA is a loan servicing company dedicated to the Higher Education marketplace. Serving the needs of Public, Private, Non-Profit, and For-Profit Colleges and their alumni borrowers has been the focus of their business for over 35 years.

Campus based loan receivables including the Federal Perkins Loan Program have been UNISA’s primary business. However, as the needs of their customers have expanded they have met that demand by designing and servicing Private Education Loans, Institutional Loan Programs, Tuition Payment Plans, and Managing Student Account Receivables.

Private education lending shouldn't be an intimidating nightmare. UNISA can provide a comprehensive solution to the higher education financing dilemma and show you how to create compliant, enforceable, financing contracts between you and your students.

Private Education Loan disclosures and requirements can be electronically signed through a web based portal. UNISA can manage that contract from inception through payoff, economically and efficiently.

UNISA has a unique dedication to customer service rarely found in the financial services industry.


UNISA has been servicing our Perkins loans for many years, and recently we added our captive financing program. Servicing of the program is easy to implement and administer.

Director of Student Finance