Welcome to the Promissory Note Page

Please read the following information carefully before signing the Promissory Note

The Federal Perkins Loan is for students who have applied for financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), and have demonstrated need through the FAFSA information.

If you have been awarded a Perkins Loan and are a first time Perkins Loan borrower at your current school, you may eSign your Master Promissory Note using your name and social security number. This Master Promissory Note will be active for up to ten years unless your Financial Aid Office receives written instructions from you to discontinue its use. If you apply for a Perkins Loan after your written instructions for discontinuation are received by the Financial aid Office, you will be required to submit another Master Promissory Note.

To review a total of the Perkins Loans you have borrowed while a student at your current school, click on Students, and then click on Account Information.

To review a total of all Perkins Loans you have received prior to this loan, whether at your current school or previous schools go to www.nslds.ed.gov. You will need your SFA-PIN to access this information.

Click on the corresponding link below for your school: (Only participating schools in our Online Promissory Notes program will be listed below)