Find out about Loan Consolidation

Know What You Owe!

The National Student Loan Data System has information about your federal student loans ( If you are borrower with several outstanding student loans you may benefit by consolidating all your loans into one loan. You may be able to lower the monthly payment amount required to payoff your loans and you may simplify the process by working with a single lender.

To begin the process you should identify all of the loans you have by loan type. You will also need to identify the loan servicer and/or holder of your loans. After completing this process you can begin to contact loan consolidation companies to compare terms, interest rates, and to fill out an application.

For your convenience, links to a few large consolidation firms are found below but you can also obtain additional links by visiting the Department of Education website.

Please feel free to contact a UNISA INC representative at 1-800-875-8910 if want to discuss loan consolidation or obtain any other information regarding your student loan(s).

Consolidation Links

If you have APEX Private Education Loan(s) you may still be eligible for loan consolidation through your bank or credit union. Please contact our office for more information regarding APEX loan consolidation.